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A lifestyle male of servitude to my Beautiful Asian Lady Owner.

A background of my existence & belief in Female Supremacy as a way of life to serious
minded Ladies of the dominant persuasion.

i have been trained to accept many adjustments in myself for such relationship & the subservient
existence i had been chosen for in all aspect in my daily existence, these i have submitted to willingly

as my education to perfection in my position of the
following Ladies personal Silk~slave.

My own journey into servitude began some 16 yrs ago whilst residing in S.E.Asia

& dabbled in being submissive to a Singaporean businessman as female Dominants were
impossible to meet in the social arena's i moved in until the evening i was
introduced to my now Owner by the businessman to whom i had become His
subservient man-servant, She needed an escort to a function & had asked him
to supply a suitable male for this occasion, upon the introduction i was left with

no doubt as my position for the evening,i was Her company for that social event & that was all,

i had no idea She knew of my submissiveness &
servant status to her friend the businessman so i partook in the usual small
talk though out the course of the evening & was surprised to be dropped at
my hotel by Her driver after the function finished & thought that was that
until some months later when i was told by my Master i was to escort Her once
again to another social event & at which,over dinner, She quite simply told
me the friend had informed Her of my submissive nature & his way with me
& that She intended to see me more often on Her working visit's to
Singapore & i should make myself available at one days notice..

And so it began, over the next several months i was "summoned", picked up by car,taken to
where ever She was, used as company whilst She socialized, with most times being
left alone for periods, then dropped off at the evenings end until one nite She
simply told me She would be "using" me for Her pleasure that evening
& to shower & prepare my body for Her indulgence when we arrived @ Her
apartment. That was the most demeaning experience i had ever experienced,being
"taken" for Her personal satisfaction & lust,then dismissed to
await Her next contact. Little did i know She had paid a fee to my
"Master" to "procure" me as Her own male,it was that
finding a serious submissive male was as difficult for Her as it was for one
like me finding a genuine Dominant Women,so i became Her "property"
& my real servitude had begun.

After about 6 months;She received a posting to Australia & informed me i was to arrange my
personal interests so i was free of all ties, personal & work,to become
"indentured" as She put it, to Her permanently, with that i willingly
obeyed Her wishes as i had fallen so much in love i could not bear being apart
from this Women even though i was simply an attachment to Her lifestyle to be
acknowledged at Her whim.

i am now chauffeur, hire car driver, a business purchased & arranged by my Owner for
me to work at & which fitted with Her professional & social
agendas, being on call for Her personal usage when not otherwise hired, i also
have been given the "task" to procure suitable "specimens"
for Her personal & private interests when She so desired such

i had relinquished my professional position as marketing manager Asia S.E.region for an international
company to become my Owners chosen male,i have been taken into a slave
"ceremony" legally witnessed & duly registered as Her property,my
asserts were distributed to my grown children with the balance of my life's work
transferred into my Owners lifestyle banking identity,for all purposes since
that date i have existed in Her employ receiving subsistence overheads for
daily needs,i reside in a small compact apartment leaving only to perform my
work responsibilities & be on call for Her at all times,socially i
accompany my Owner to functions,restaurants & the like,having learnt my
place i do tend to stay in the background as She goes about social activities as
normal people do,only to be activated when She chooses an activity in these
surrounds,i do at times accompany Her on overseas trips if the occasion needs
my presence although these are in line with Her Dominant lifestyle activities
in which i am honored to attend & conduct myself as i have been trained

i also had to adjust to the vanilla mode for the occasions of Her family gathering's & time's of
Her workplace social venture's when i had to mingle so to speak as normal male's conduct themselves

in such environment's but at all time's discreetly knowing my place as Her servant.

This brief overview of being a true subservient male specimen i do hope it enlightens you
as to my genuine status & belief in living the alternative lifestyle..

Thank you.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

 After a lengthy absence Madam has instructed I update my blog & post a monthly report.

The year 2014 has seen my Queen quite active with Her procurement of the gweizai into a more personal role in attending to Her. These are detailed in his blog with the many trips Madam has done with him to train into what She says is a permanent position as Her personal gweizai.

Madam also informed me that the gweizai now has the status as Her personal sex toy as well as social escort & attachment, butler & chauffer duties for Her female harem & presenter of other selected specimens to Her presence when suited but I will retain my slave status even though my long term duties would be gradually assigned to him over time. I am to continue with maintaining my responsibilities to the income stream She has me doing for Her interests.

The importance Madam has placed on Her gweizai became apparent to me when I was summoned one evening to dine with my Queen, over the meal & general chat I was told Madam wanted to climax at exactly the same time Her gweizai was paying Homage in-flight on this particular trip, at the designated time this would take place. Madam instructed me, after dinner, to shower then take my position upon Her bed, a large cushion under my bum, arms by my side & leather hood to await Her presence after She finished Her wine. I have been used for sexual penetration many times over my internment in Her life but I had not experienced Madams shuddering climax that night, my nipples were gnawed painfully as She pounded on my erect shaft moaning in delight as I was instructed to cum with Her climax then positioned Herself upon my exposed mouth to give Her another climax as I tongued my Queens beautiful Womanhood. It was a moment of pure sexuality as Madam acknowledged the homage the gweizai devoted to Her as She used me to heighten Her climax. This ritual has been repeated again when Her gweizai travelled & Madam was in the mood as She says for another penetration.

And so I must accept my Queen has chosen this specimen to take the position as Her personal gweizai in Her lifestyle but am thankful I am still my Queens silk slave.

I may not have much to report but will add a monthly post as I have been instructed to.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2013 comes to an end

my Owner has instructed that i post an overview of the year after not posting since January '13. Madam has purposely restricted my absence from my blog due to Her ongoing procurement of the chosen specimen, att2u, being made aware of his newly placed position as my Owners personal "gweizai", a derivative of  "white boy", which is a very privileged position within Madams Lifestyle, a personal subservient who is allowed to accompany Her socially, privately & within some vanilla outings, such as Madams Cebu trip where She looked over residences suitable for Her kinky interests.

Madam has travelled several times to Asia & Sydney throughout the year, I have had my usual duties to attend to re working for Her during these trips away as well as organising Madams Stud in attending to my Owner's sexual need's.

As the year comes to an end i am aware that the coming year is one of change for my place as Madam's silk slave, the specimen has been given a status which is a permanent position beside my Owner in her life, the gwezai will become Her personal assistance in all travel assignments from now on, the private attachment to attend Her in house tasks, on standby to satisfy Madam's sexual lust. These are well documented on the gweizai's blog.

i am instructed to keep my blog updated monthly, the next post will then be the end of January 2014. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NYD Breakfast

i had got up early to shower & begin to prepare a light breakfast in time for when my Queen awoke which She would once the coffee aroma was smelt. She just loves Her coffee.

After our breakfast Madam revealed She would go to Singapore later in the month to meet up with Her boy who was on a business trip to Asia & was due in there so She could once again attend to Her ongoing business interests & have the boy attend to Her privately & socially. It was an opportunity to also meet this newest candidate for Her long term Lifestyle interest if Her work schedule allowed & if the candidate was free to make the appointment.

Madam also instructed me to re contact a certain Master who i had made contact with years ago for the purpose of maybe becoming the dominant male to perform with Her silk slave or others for the voyeuristic kink She is well known for when She is visiting Singapore & also to see what is happening there in the Fetish kinky world over the period She is there.

It is going to be an interesting year ahead i am told as She has plans under way to expand Her lifestyle activities which is going to benefit Her "subjects" respective status & places within Her Life.

New Years Eve 2012

New Years Eve 2012.

After Madams successful jaunt to Asia & content with Her boy accepting his place in Her life She has decided we have a New Years Eve evening beginning with a cocktail hour at the Hyatt then a quiet dinner at Her apartment before watching  the Fireworks display from Sydney on TV..

The cocktail hour was very pleasant with as usual the male drinkers having a constant perve of my Owner especially when She took the lengthy walk to the ladies room, She really does turn heads socially but i have found She doesn’t notice it so much. Madam touched on the subject of Her delight when the boy was initiated into a new dimension of servicing Her during Her monthly cycle & how big a turn on it was for Her, i could only remember when i was subjected to the same test all those years ago but i was also pleased my Queen had found that amount of enjoyment from Her boy which She said he just devoured the pleasure of his newest task. She mentioned in brief the other first in taking Her young bi Female for the first time, another virgin taken. After a couple of drinks i was told to get the car & meet Her at the front entrance to head back for dinner & enjoy a relaxing evening.

Dinner was just a simple seafood platter already prepared by Madam that day. I attended my servant duties in setting the table, attending the wine etc as She continued with chatting of Her pleasure with how Her boy had organised Her return to Sydney, especially after She had finished showering then finding the boy at the foot of the bed ready to service Her, Madam was impressed with this show of submission.  She was to give him this responsibility permanently to further train him into accepting Her lifestyle activities for these agendas especially with contacting Her stud when She wants him, another duty i am being relieved of i am told. I could only utter “as You wish my Queen”. I am told She has plans for the coming year which will involve sourcing an additional slave for Her long term lifestyle interests. She is more than pleased with the transformation of the specimen into Her chosen boy & fuck toy as Madam sometimes refers to him as now. I am told i am to accept this as a long term arrangement as well as the intended new addition to fill Her kinky Dominant ways for the lifestyle. “as you wish my Queen” i respond with as i know who Madam is referring to & know what will be coming for all of us.

Madam was in such a fine mood & we enjoyed a great chat on several matters, the lifestyle as well as some family & vanilla points that She wished to inform me of. Before either of us realised it was almost midnight so on went the TV as i opened Her favourite bottle of Champaign to toast as the New Year drew near & after which the usual formalities we embraced each other with before another glass was filled. At that moment She decided to retire to Her spare bedroom which is set up as a small office, to make a few calls to Her family & other overseas associates, i am told to “take a shower my dear & wait upon my bed, i will be then when i finish my calls”, yes of course my Queen, as you wish i utter heading to the bathroom to shower & prepare this body, shaving the nipple area & Her property to be as smooth as silk, the name my Owner bequeathed me with when She first had me prepared for “pleasure taking” all those years ago before i grew into mature age.

I lay on my Queens bed bathed shaved & scented awaiting Her taking of this body as i listen to Her having a great chat with Her cousin in London, eventually i fell asleep as the wine, campaign took over.. Quite some time later i was awakening to the sensation of my male meat being consumed by a  most unbelievable sensation as my Owner took Her oral pleasure whilst at the same time massaging & squeezing  these nipples She gets enjoyment out of using. As i began to awake i couldn’t help but moan with delight as Madam simply went about enjoying Herself & arousing me which is amazing with the intensity of the lustful method She just simply took this body & was soon gyrating as She mounted Herself upon this meat that She has always said as being Her “property”  as i gazed up upon my Owner who was away in ecstasy world building up to what i knew would be Her first orgasm, it was all i could do not to cum as i had learnt & been trained not to until Madam would order me to “give me your juices” when She was reaching Her second or sometimes third climax so i lay beneath my beautiful Asian Domina breaching upward to meet Her thrusts upon Her male meat with my arms straight beside my body as i am never  allowed to touch Her body until i heard Her say “touch my body” whereupon i must begin the Mantra of devotion to my Queen as the “alter” i worship –pay homage to-respect & bow down to as i massage Her majestic breasts & upper body as She continues in pleasuring Her Womanhood upon the male meat to begin the second orgasm & give me the order to “give me your juices now”, another of Madams kinks, having me cum as She does which is a most unbelievable sensation.

Then she is spent & exhausted, “sleep beside me my dear”, “make my breakfast when I wake. I will discuss the coming year with you then” as Madam graces me with a kiss from those wonderful sensual lips then rolls off to take Her sleep .        




Sunday, December 16, 2012

2012 comes to an end.

The year went by with my Queen summoning Her "boy" on select occasions for interludes in Sydney & again in Asia. All of these are detailed individually on his blog here on Blogspot.

Madam has just returned from a two week trip to Cebu & Manila with Her boy again being on hand for the Manila leg.    

i am to keep my Blog up to date with a monthly posting of any & all events through the coming year.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Manila Trip.

Madam had said She would be making a trip to Manila soon to attend some personal business & that Her "boy" would be there as well for the working week, it gave Madam a sexual turn on to have a very senior white male international corporate executive there in the Hotel to use when She had done with the day's schedule & which i believe, from reading his blog posting, She took full advantage of in satisfying Her kinky lustful sexuality & having a suitable male escort for social outings which keeps the troublesomes males away because they can see the Lady has a companion.

On this occasion i had been contacted unexpectedly from Madams young stud whilst She was on this trip asking how "Madam was", i passed on the message to my Queen who simply said that i was to contact him for availability for Her arrival to Sydney the next week as it had been a long time since She enjoyed the company of Her young stud. This i dutifully did & arranged to have him settled into Her suite an hour before Madams arrival the evening of Her flight. Knowing that She had not used the stud for some time i was aware Madam would want everything to be prepared without any mishaps so i had reception allow the young man access to the suite where i presented him with his favourite Bourbon & assorted hors d'oeuvre's so he could relax after showering in a fresh Hotel robe to await Madams arrival.

i bade him goodnight as i exited the suite to go back to my nearby Hotel for a light meal & a couple of stiff Scotches to await my Queens summoning when She had finished her indulgence with Her young stud, i knew from past interludes these interludes Madam used for satisfying Her womanly needs to be mounted & serviced by a well hung stud, enjoy converse over a drink & snacks then dismiss him until i was told to contact him again for another interlude. This worked for Madam but had taken some years for the stud to accept & by which by now he had so the "arrangement" was now amiable. After a couple of hours Madam texted to say She would meet me at the Cocktail bar in 30 minutes for a drink then possibly a late snack in Her suite before retiring & arranging a time to collect my Queen in the morning & return home.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Singapore Trip

Madam took the trip to Singapore with Her specimen over a working week & from where i was instructed to arrange an overnight stay in Her favourite CBD Hotel for Her arrival in Sydney.

As usual my Queen looked stunning when She strode into the hotel foyer after an overnight flight, amazing Lady, always looking so fresh.  After a light early lunch & brief converse She had a sleep telling me to return at 6PM to acompany Her for dinner here in the Hotel restaurant.

At dinner i listened intensley as Madam spoke briefly of Her stay in Singapore informing me that the natural submissive mannerism the specimen shows is what has led to a decision to make him a permanent attachment to Her life, not as the slave he begs to be but as Her personal boy & fuck toy, his tongue service technique is now perfect with an intensity Madam has not experienced before, not even i have given my Queen such levels of climax She reminds me & i am to accept Her boys presence in our Lifestyle but i am thrilled to be told i am still to be used for Madams penetration requirements when She wants that indulgence.

Soon our dinner comes to an end with my Queen casually telling me to go to Her suite & prepare myself while She has a night cap at the cocktail bar before coming upstairs for what She refers to as "having my desserts in private", as always i am thankful & feel very privileged to be the personal silk slave to my Beautiful Asian Lady.


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